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7. Migrate, Hibernate, Adapt

Late in Autumn, cold wind blows,
some animals grow fur, some go to sleep and some just go;
stomachs are hungry, and brains say don’t wait,
there’s more food further south,
it’s time to migrate.

Hibernation is a special kind of sleep.
The circulation slows,
so does the breath and the heartbeat.
Reptiles dig down below the frost line;
if they don’t dig down deep enough
it’ll be their last time,
they’ll freeze and explode.

Animals know, what to do
and where to go.
So they migrate or hibernate,
yeah, settle down for that nap,
and if they don’t migrate or hibernate,
oh they better adapt, grow some fur…..

Now those who stay
might change the color of their fur.
There won’t be much to eat
and what there is they won’t prefer.
They’ll take chances,
that might get them trapped
and if they live then they’ll adapt,
adapt or die !


They’re flying north, they’re swimming south;
they’re digging holes and stuffing their mouths.
They’re laying eggs, covering their range,
they’re animals responding as the seasons change.

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