Billy B,logo online store, purchase, music, CDs calendar, schedule, book, shows social media, facebook HOME MEDIA HIRE CONTACT When my shoes are loose CD | When My Shoes Are Loose

Billy B. helps pre-schoolers become more aware of the world around them with self-help and nature songs.

The ways of the bay CD | The Ways of the Bay

Ride the tide with Billy B. as he takes you on a musical adventure and teaches you about life in bays and estuaries.

Sun up sun down CD | Sun Up, Sun Down

Songs of the day and night cycle of our spinning earth. Many musical influences can be heard in the wide variety of styles in this collection.

Staying Cool at School CD | Staying Cool at School

A CD that helps children understand why there are rules in school, and helps them discover new ways of getting along with their peers.

Romp in the Swamp CD | Romp in the Swamp

Fourteen original songs loaded with funny and interesting facts about swamp animals and their wetlands habitat.

Biodiversity and Billy B CD | Biodiversity and Billy B.

Through various rhythms and styles, this CD features 17 unique songs that celebrate the amazing diversity of life on our planet.

Energy and Me CD | Energy and Me

All about the sun, photosynthesis, the water cycle, energy and people, resources, recycling and energy conservation.

Nature in the City CD | Nature in the City

Nature’s interaction and constant presence in the city is explored with rhythm and blues, hip hop, and even a little bit of country.

Billy B Sings About Trees CD | Billy B. Sings About Trees

Featuring new and revised songs, this is an updated release of the 30 year old classic which came out as a cassette tape.